Thursday, January 13, 2011


Early this morning I went to
fill our birdfeeder. As I approached
the birdfeeder, a cat dashed out
from underneath the small green tree
next to it.
It frightened me.
Deeply frightened me.
Are there wild cats in my backyard?

And just a few short hours after that,
as I was sitting on the floor
next to the couch,
my three year old son
jumped on to my right shoulder,
as in I want a ride on your shoulders
kind of jump and placement,
except he landed only on my right shoulder.
The pain.
All day.
I almost wept.
And I gave birth naturally, twice.
I almost weep now.
Six Motrin and not even a dent.
But like most mothers, I carry on.
Baby on hip
Kid on leg
Passing out snacks
Sipping coffee
Handing out drinks
Breaking-up scuffles
Cheering kindness
And so on.


Papa Joe said...

How sad about your shoulder--I hope you are better. BTW, since you have the camera cable, might seeing pictures be in our near future??

Anonymous said...

isn't your husband a doctor or something :) see ya on the 24th