Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the Birds

Update: this morning there was a kitty by our backdoor. i instructed the people in my family to move away from the window and leave it alone. we were not opening the door, feeding it or anything else of that nature. and yes, it was only three degrees this morning. mean? no. i don’t think so. that kitty should thank me for the dead bird it hauled off. and i’m sure faris was thankful to not have to deal with a dead bird.
am I talking about dead birds and a kitten hauling it off?
oh, man.

Finally both boys are asleep and
I’m eating my own personal lunch
and I looked out the window.

Immediately you are wondering what kind
of crazy wildlife did Camille spy in her backyard, right?
I don’t blame you.
Wild turkey, again?
Bald eagle?
Not any of those.
But I did see a fox on Sunday morning, twice.
And a hawk this morning.
Did I see a bear?
Did I see an emu?
No. But a man shot one last week in my county.
It escaped from a neighboring county.
I saw a woodpecker at our birdfeeder.
And I paused.
Our birdfeeders are new.
So this bird feeding thing is new.
Luke & Nolan gave Faris two birdfeeders for Christmas.
And you know what, we are all enjoying it.
Anyway back to the woodpecker.
Lo and behold, there was a woodpecker.
You see, I bought two bags of birdseed yesterday
Different kinds.
One bag attracts several kids of birds, woodpecker included.
But I scoffed.
Woodpecker, really?
A woodpecker is going to come to my birdfeeder
because of this food?
No way. You people think I’m going to buy
this birdseed because it says woodpecker on.
(really, i’m buying it because it says cardinals on it)
Please. Woodpecker.
Don’t even try to be backyard fancy bird food.
More scoffing.
Who even sees a woodpecker?
I rolled my eyes as I put the bag in my cart.
And then I was humbled at my kitchen table.
It’s woodpecker city around here.
And I’m wondering where the cardinals are.

I’d post a picture but my dad ran off with
my computer cable. I guess I could take the
time to learn to download with the memory thingy
but who has time to learn something new
when dirty dishes, laundry, and other stuff
demands my attention.
So blame my dad.
I am.

(don’t be calling me with instructions, dad!)

I hear two bangs and go running.
A bird smashed into a window and a door
and now lays dead.

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rachelredington said...

Do you remember when the bird was in your apartment?