Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rapid Fire

I know you want to know
so here it goes
rapid fire style, baby.

1. Mercifully I no longer covet or lust after a minivan. It was phase. Phew.
2. I’m so tired my eyes are burning. My baby doesn’t sleep through the night. No sir he sure doesn’t. Well, he has slept through the night eight times but clearly that was just by accident. An oversight on his part.
3. Last night, say around 3am, Luke called me. I went. He asked me to snuggle him. I said ok.
4. An hour later Nolan woke and was serious about something but was keeping it a secret.
5. I still cannot find my camera computer cord. I haven’t downloaded a single December picture I think. My mom told me to buy a new one. Maybe I should.
6. Nolan walks. Has been for a few weeks.
7. I wish somebody would make me coffee. Or at least bring me a hot cup of fancy overpriced coffee.
8. I’m starting to think I should allow grammar rules to apply to me. Like some traffic rules that clearly do not apply to me, I decided grammar rules didn’t apply to me.
9. Today in the car Luke told me the story of how Lindy and Papa Joe brought him to the hospital to see me and how he saw Nolan and I was on a bed with buttons and then I told him Lindy and Papa Joe would take him to Chik-fli-a for dinner and then they did take him there for dinner and then home where they gave him a bath and put him to sleep until his Baba came home.
10. Did I tell you that since the end of November at least one person in my family has been sick? Usually it was Nolan. Kid had a double ear infection at his own birthday party.
11. I hear Faris in the garage. I wonder if he got my message via the Force to bring me coffee. I’m going to find out.

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Anonymous said...

You could always take the memory stick out n put it the laptop to move the pics a well