Friday, August 28, 2009

Morning Shopping

We made a semi-quick run to Ikea this morning.
I didn’t realize what a little playground it would be for Luke.

There was a girl younger than Luke
and Luke put his hand on her tummy
and forcefully said NO.
For no good reason at all.
Which I thought was funny.
But loving correction was in order
so this is what ensued…
I leaned down and gently
told Luke he was not allowed to touch
other children and that he was to be kind
to others, especially little girls.
And you know what?
All afternoon he has been saying,
“Mama. Kind to babies.”

We were caught
in a serious thunderstorm
on the way home.
Hard to see but in the lane
to our left in front of the car
is a motorcycle.
On the highway.
In a thunderstorm where
visibility is poor.

1 comment:

camille said...

OK, really, you took a picture of mr. motorcycle man while driving in the pouring rain??