Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I had my regular doctor appointment this afternoon
and I saw the doctor who delivered Luke.
I’m far enough along that there were a few delivery questions I needed to answer.
Like an old pro I politely snapped yes, no, yes, no to the questions
until this question…
Doctor: Are you going to have another hypno birth?
Me: What?
Doctor: Hypno birth, are you going to do that again?
Me: Hypno birth? I did not have that.
Doctor: Hypnosis birth, didn’t you do that?
Me: NO. I had a doula and did a natural birth.
Doctor: I remember you and I thought you did a hypno birth.
Me: NO.
Doctor: Really? Because for me to remember your delivery is pretty rare. You are my standard for natural births. You were awesome and I would have sworn you did hypno.
Me: NO, no hypno. But I was pretty awesome. I called myself a rock star for at least three days after giving birth. And I’m having a doula again.

To add to my rock star image, I almost told the doctor that I left the hospital in high heels. But I didn’t want to brag.

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud! Little Mom