Friday, August 28, 2009


I love my purse.

I’m not one of
those women who own
thirty different handbags.
In fact, I own this purse
in green and orange
and have been using them
for the last three or so years.
I’m currently lobbying to
add the purple one to my collection.
It would be fabulous.
I’ve been in need of a serious
purse excavation for weeks.
During Luke’s nap I
Here is what I’ve been carrying
around for weeks:

3 loose keys
1 fortune cookie fortune
2 one dollar bills
1 nickel
20 pennies
3 quarters
12 dimes
1 eye glass cleaner tissue
1 business card holder
1 cell phone
1 old Economist
4 plastic bags of old snacks
17 loose peanut butter pows
2 loose jelly beans
1 tissue, used
1 chocolate candy wrapper
1 thank you note
2 lists of notes
25 receipts
5 shopping lists
2 wallets
1 hair brush
1 plastic bag with
1 lip gloss
1 lipstick
1 chapstick
1 2009 moleskin calendar
1 moleskin notebook
1 purple pen
2 notes with addresses
1 bib
1 barrette
1 handout of signs and symptoms of pre-term labor
1 hand sanitizer


Anonymous said...

Love the purse if you ever get tierd of it and just want to get rid of it you have my address.:)


Lynn said...

Hilarious post! Glad you were able to add the purple one to your collection...