Sunday, May 3, 2009


It took days but Luke conquered the pesky virus
and is back to his wonderful self.
As sick people tend to do, Luke wasn’t much interested in eating for several days.
His first sustenance of any substance was macaroni and cheese.
He shoveled it in and I was so grateful.

I had to remove his shirt.
It became a messy affair.
A huge sickness allowance because at my table/house there is no service for the shirtless.
We come to the table dressed.

To inspire eating we took a trip to an ice cream shop.
He would not allow the ice cream goodness to pass his lips.
Can you imagine?

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Jenni Pappas said...

So glad he is feeling better. I am cracking up about the no shirt no service rule. Can't tell you how many times Elena has eaten in just her diaper so I can try to save time on laundry. She's really messy though.