Sunday, May 3, 2009

13 Staples

John-David has 13 staples in his head.
And a rather significant bump.

I’ll let you decided how he got them:
Scenario A
In the gym parking lot, a 6 year old boy was left unattended in a car and managed to put the car in reverse.
The car was rolling backwards towards traffic.
John-David dashed out of his car with the flashlight he keeps on the driver’s side,
smashed the window and banged his head as he dove head first into the driver’s seat.

Scenario B
At work, John-David had to crouch down between conveyer belts and pipes and miscalculated when he stood up.

Scenario C
Late for class, John-David tripped going down the stairs in his apartment building.

Scenario D
Friday night John-David and his coworkers went for a joy ride on the conveyer belts at his work.
John-David fell off in a moment of tomfoolery.

Scenario E
John-David was checking his oil when the hood slipped of the stick thingy and banged his head.

Gross Alert
A picture of 13 staples.
For you, brother.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I vote for checking the oil and the hood falling on J.D. Aunt Genia