Friday, March 27, 2009

Camille Came to Visit Camille

My super fabulous friend Camille came for a visit last week.
It was wonderful to have her company.
It was warmth for the soul kind of visit.
I regaled her with stories of wild beasts and my car, I romanced her spirit with the view of the Chesapeake Bay, and I startled myself by how easily I talked about Luke potty stories.
I almost burst into tears when I realized we have been friends for sixteen years!
It was a sweet visit and it started here…

Luke and I picked Camille up in our chariot and dashed to Annapolis for lunch at
Chick and Ruth’s Delly. We sat next to a man who has a sandwich named after him; I think he is a member of the State Legislature.

We made a trip to Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian’s Portrait Gallery, only to find it opened at 11am.
So we improvised and went to the Museum of American History.

Camille and Luke, waiting for the doors to open.
Did you know they play the National Anthem before they open the doors?

Can you spot my car?
My parking karma was in full force all weekend.

I think it will be ok if I say the museum was a bit disappointing.
Camille and I both remember it being so much more interesting!
It was fun to see Julia Child’s kitchen.

And this Spark Lab for kids was a lifesaver.
You should have seen the stuff for older kids…amazing.

Post-museum lunch at Baja Fresh.

We took a stroll in our back yard.
Me coaxing small child away from the rocks.

Important work.

We went back to Annapolis for
a Segway Tour of Annapolis.
Linda came too!
It was out of this world fun.
I had SO much fun zipping around.

After church on Sunday we were scheduled to
meet my mom, dad, and brother at the Cheese Cake Factorybut a 30-40 minute wait required a change of plans so we found ourselves once again at Baja Fresh.

A little outside in the sun time before we made our way to the airport to send our dear sweet friend home.

A few notes about our visit:
1. We always catch-up over a bag of Doritos. I swear they taste better with Camille around.

2. One of our Segway tour guides asked if we were sisters, after knowing our names were Camille! This is not the first or second time we have been asked that question.

3. Luke liked Camille a lot. Kisses for her came quickly.

4. My camera missed our Saturday crab cake lunch and a boardwalk walk. Oops.

5. I got carded and couldn’t purchase a bottle of wine for our dinner. Because clearly I look like I might be under 21 years of age, right? No, because apparently there are stings in our area and I was not familiar. Camille had to go in a make the purchase. Why? Because under the watchful eye of Camille and Camille, Luke threw my driver’s license in the trash. I would not have believed it until I saw him put something else in the trash two days ago.


camille said...

I had such a wonderful weekend. I always do when I'm with you. Luke is even more precious in person and I'm so glad we became friends so quickly! Thanks again for having me. I hope we share another bag of Doritos soon. xoxoxo

Melissa said...

So I know I am not supposed to let you know I am reading fun is that Segway picture with Lindy???? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks for posting it.

Jenni Pappas said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love the segway tour pictures!