Monday, March 9, 2009

California, Leg 3

Our final destination was San Francisco.
It was a wonderful time for me.
I spent my days walking* around the city.
It was urban nectar for my soul.
*I’m thinking I should modify walking to pushing Luke around hilly San Francisco.

I practically forgot that I had a camera so my pictures won’t do our visit justice.

Things that I missed:
1. Dinner with Faris’ family.
Great food with good people.
Actually, Faris managed to find the camera and take these.

2. Friday lunch with Faris’ cousin Omar.
Omar was kind to invite Luke and me to lunch on Friday while Faris was occupied with work stuff.
I think I might have found myself lonely on Friday without that lovely lunch.

Things I did not miss:
1. One of our many strolls to Union Square.

2. Our afternoon stroll to the Ferry Building.
L o v e d i t.
Must go back when the Farmer’s Market is there.

I admired this store from afar.
I was a scaredy cat and didn’t go in because I was sure I would leave with their T-shirt.

3. Our awesome hotel selected and booked by a husband that clearly loves me more that I deserve.

Because all extra toilet tissue should be wrapped with a fabric ribbon.
I just might start doing this in my own home.
At least in the guest bathroom.

Cookies and milk for Master Luke each night.

Hotel bottle of water on the right is $6.50.
Three bottles of water and one bag of Doritos on the left that I picked up, $6.00.
In the background is the little backpack Luke got when we check in.
Full of fun things like a kaleidoscope and a kazoo.

Can you imagine my glee when I answered our hotel door one afternoon to find complimentary champagne, truffles and chocolate covered strawberries?
Don’t worry, they sent cookies for Luke too.
I want to move in. Do you think they would have me?

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Jenni Pappas said...

Looks like y'all had a great trip! I loved San Francisco the one time I've been and hope to go back.