Monday, March 9, 2009

California, Leg 1

We spent last week in warm and sunny California.
What a blessing to visit our families throughout the Golden State.

Luke was asked to visit the cockpit on more than one occasion.

Visiting my Grandmother and Luke’s Great-Grandmother.

A yummy Mexican lunch…do you spy my clean plate?

I thought this drawer in the kitchen was neat.

It was crazy warm in California so we did a lot of walking and playing outside. Luke even went outside in the morning to play in his pajamas.

Putting up one of the many hummingbird feeders with Uncle Michael.

Aunt Chris was kind to let Luke play with her electronic equipment.
I should mention that Uncle Michael also let Luke explore his locked blackberry. Luke managed to unlock it and call Chris!


Anonymous said...

You have a very talented son and we love him to death:-))) Please share him with us again soon. Love you and miss you, Aunt Chris

Papa Joe said...

I know Luke must have loved being in the cockpit with all those button, knobs, and toggle switches he so loves to manipulate.