Monday, October 6, 2008

An October Tradition

We went pumpkin picking this weekend.
Loads of fun.
It’s a tradition I think I’m going to
truly enjoy every year.
(For example, I will enjoy pumpkin picking but will not enjoy tedious Valentine’s Day.)

There were animals to pet.
(Yep, Luke touched the bunny)

A corn box.

And toys to ride.
(I know some of my Mississippi family is giddy at this sight!)

Somebody might have gotten a work call in the pumpkin patch…

Not very good pumpkin picking footwear.

Faris pulling Luke and our pumpkin.


Papa Joe said...

My gosh---what a pumpkin patch!! Must have had a wonderful outing.

Jenni Pappas said...

Great pictures!

camille said...

But at least you are adhering to your is down, heels are worn. It looks like a great time!