Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Didn’t your heart sing ♪
when the JCrew catalogue
came in the mail a few days ago?
You know the one, with the
metallic flats on the cover.
But then I laughed out loud.
$150 for flats from JCrew?
JCrew, who do you think you are?
Do you get the Boden catalogue?
Plus they have these awesome
patent flats
that I think I need in purple and deep sea blue.

Oh, and you know
when you are out and about
being fabulous
and you see some lady
and wonder where in the world she got
that leopard top with a drawstring waist
paisley and flower iridescent skirt
two toned leather cowboy boots that lace up the back?
She got them here and you should stay away.

1 comment:

camille said...

I agree, J Crew shoes are WAY overpriced. But some of their clothes, at least in the store, when on sale, are great deals and SO cute. Also, I get the Boden catalog and have one of their super cute rain coats. Cute stuff!!