Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Report

Sunday at Lindy and Papa Joe’s house is always interesting.

There was a garden tour.

Gentle Reader, kindly indulge me as I
take time to note how handsome
my brother, John-David is.

Today’s Saladpalozza wasn’t one of my favorites
the dessert was downright spectacular.
Faris managed to verbalize his delight
by confessing that he felt like he was in a restaurant.
The rest of us were far too busy eating to acknowledge Linda’s dessert triumph.
(and my onetruelove was spotted licking the spoon in the kitchen)
According to my mom, this actually wasn’t hard.
Good.Because I politely request this dessert make several—and I mean several—appearances at your table.
Warm Blackberry Sauce Over Mango Sorbet from Southern Living, June 2008.

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Anonymous said...

What a great day for me...all salads are not equal, but the dessert redeemed me. Sunday Lunch is special, food, family, friends, and heaps of praise and encouragement for food adventures! I really enjoy food adventure! See you next Sunday! Little Mom