Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Morning Love

I love brunch.
Invite me for brunch and I’ll almost always make it.
That is exactly what my sweet friend Nyree did today.

Nyree has two darling daughters, Kaitlyn and Eliana.
Kaitlyn showed me some of her Karate moves.
(I could do the moves but wasn’t very good at the accompanying sound)

Eliana showed me her mad face.
And a mad in motion.
Totally mad don't you think?
But totally adorable too.

Confidential to my friend Eliana: I liked your glasses. Did you know I have glasses too? You looked super duper cute in them.

1 comment:

nyree said...

we loved having you! thanks for coming. ayah, ahya, pey (i think that's how it goes) Ellie missed "baby youkee)