Thursday, May 19, 2011

Handcuffs & Barbecue

Yesterday I took my kids
to the mall and Chick-fil-a.
It was a glorious outing.

And this morning I took my
kids grocery shopping,
like we do every Thursday morning.
Miserable, horrible.
I may never take them with me again.

I probably have to take them with me, fine.
But first I’m going to handcuff them …
and I mean handcuff them to
the chain that is linked to their feet cuffed together.
Or I’ll tie them to the
front of the cart like you see stuffed animals tied
to the front of trucks.

On a serious note, I’ve always thought of
taking my kids to the grocery store as
an opportunity in training them. Training them
to obey, to have self-control and such.
So maybe it is me. Maybe I need to revamp
my strategy for my growing children.

And to add to my frazzled state,
I should have looked at the weather
before marinating chicken for my
onetruelove to grill tonight.
Early this week he grilled chicken,
it was fabulous chicken and he
has some quality time with his sidekicks.

1 comment:

Papa Joe said...

What a wonderful grilling technique.