Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gently Used

Navigating the world of hand me downs is tricky.
What is and is not appropriate to hand down?
Underwear? No, I think not.
What should a child have new of their very own?
Shoes? Yes, probably.
What should you do about a mom who likes to dress
her boys the same? And the oldest son who likes his
brother to wear the same thing too?
Seek intervention? Maybe.

I thought you might like to know
that I have had the same comb since eighth grade.
I remember the salon my mom bought it from, 2000 Cuts.
Still have the umbrella my mom bought me from the
Nature Store when I was a freshman in college.

And when I was a pre-teen (that is what we called them before the creepy word tween hit the market!)
I just knew I was going to be a Soap Opera Actress. I used to practice
the two most important skills a female soap opera actress needed:
crying and that awkward end of a scene look all the time. I figured I needed to be
able to cry on cue and I definitely needed a good end of scene look (I didn’t want to look awkward after all). I was going to be the missing daughter of Patch and Kayla
or Bo and Hope (Fancyface, if you will) for sure.
It was that or I was going to be the daughter of Johnny and Baby in Dirty Dancing II.

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camille said...

How did I never know you wanted to be a soap opera actress? Awesome.