Sunday, April 17, 2011


Two little boys means there
isn’t a lot of pink in our house…
except for right now…
pink eye has inflicted itself
on my boys.
Double yuck…
Drops in the eyes twice a day,
orders from our beloved doctor.
Last night Luke asked if he could
pretend to put drops in my eyes.
Sure, why not!
I lay ready, brave to receive “drops”.
Luke tenderly puts a drop in one eye then the other.
He tells me to blink.
I blink.
What was that?
Then he asks for his drop back.
He clarifies for his silly mother,
“Can I have my boogie back?”

P.S. Sorry, Mom. Instead of think of this as a gross story, you should think of it as a forewarning…don’t let my three year old put drops in your eyes. So instead of saying gross, you should thank me. You are welcome.

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