Sunday, February 13, 2011

Camille Made Me Do It

My friend Camille,
the one who always
has a great haircut,
made me sign-up for
a half marathon.

She didn’t actually
make me.
We are going to
do it together.
I figure she can
me over the finish line.
That’s what friends are for,

She is doing it.
I’m doing it.
We both signed up today.
And here is what I know.

I’m going to finish that race.
I know something else.
I’ve never ever been so
unprepared for anything
in my entire life while at the
same time entirely confident
that come race day, well,
I’ll be ready to race.


camille said...

I can't think of another person I would want to "make" do this race with me. And we will finish. The real question is who will be pushing/rolling/dragging whom across that finish line! I'm excited!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ladies, I am impressed! You go girls! Lindy

Anonymous said...

Where are you doing the race?