Friday, May 7, 2010


Faster than you can say whathashappenedtoyou
lipstick and a pair of heels
can breathe new life to a woman who
may have been neglecting herself.

I may or may not be calculating
exactly how dangerous it would be for me to play
or pull a wagon
all with a four month old bundled on in the baby carrier
in strappy summer wedge shoes.

Where is my protractor?
Where is my compass?
I need graph paper to plot the danger.
Wait. I think a computer will do this for me.
(HA! I was right. I wouldn’t need those math skills when I grow-up)
I need to calculate the exact danger, people.
E x a c t danger.

Gentle Reader, don’t panic for me all that much…
I still do my hair every single day
and don’t pull it back until 4pm sharp.

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