Friday, December 4, 2009

Wilderness Limits



A Fox

A Frog

Lots of Ladybugs



just a few of the wildlife we live among.

And apparently lizards...

But yesterday I found a wildlife limit.

A spider.


A HUGE spider indoors.

I'm talking silver dollar size.

From far away it even looked furry.

Come to think of it, maybe it was navel orange size.

And that dear readers is my bug limit.

I closed the two doors to that room.

Texted my husband there was a huge spider

waiting for him when he got home because

I don't do spiders that big.

Oh, that moving back to urban goodness

would be nice.

Because this lady of the house

is D O N E with wildlife.


Papa Joe said...

Wow---I think that was a salamander. If you had geckos, they'd help rid of the friendly insects.

Papa Joe said...

I believe it’s a “marbled salamander” after searching for “Maryland Salamanders”. See:

camille said...

Those are some of the very reasons I left the wilderness!! Big spiders and critters are certainly not something I care to see or have to deal with. I'd search for an exterminator ASAP! :-)

Anonymous said...

Camille, in south Mississippi we have flying roaches! It is a horrific sight to behold. They are usually over an inch long. I have only seen one in my present house. I hope never to see another one.

Aunt Diane