Tuesday, December 22, 2009


e i g h t

that is a lot of baby

i might be guilty of
motioning towards my new baby
and reminding my onetruelove
T H A T hugeness was in my belly

tonight my onetruelove told
me something about nolan being
born that i don’t remember
but i’m sure is true…

nolan was born
i turned and asked my onetruelove if i was done
he said yes
i said “i am awesome”


Anonymous said...

What are the pics of Nolan? Grandma can't wait to see more of her second Great Grandson.

Uncle Michael

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. Merry Christmas
Aunt Genia

JessicaAPISS said...

you ARE awesome

but you never know...three or four or so years from now you might forget the pushing and pitocin and water retention and chins and think about digging out the ovulation predictor..

but that's just hypothetical of course...

CONGRATS on ALL COUNTS! You made it. You have your guys on the outside in the home of your dreams!!! Party time my friend. Enjoy enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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