Monday, November 2, 2009

A Table Scandal, Of Sorts

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure
of enjoying Sunday lunch
with my main two year old squeeze.
Just me, him, and some Thai food.
So I alone had to endure the awkwardness
when my lunch date lifted up his shirt and
at the top of his lungs screamed b**bies.

While not a completely mortifying moment,
somewhat hysterical if you ask me,
certainly not appropriate table behavior.


Anonymous said...


Just a little note from someone who has a 4 year old. You haven't seen or heard anything yet. Just wait!

Cousin Angelia

Anonymous said...

Camille, I am laughing out loud. I wish you would of had that on video. It is so sweet. Love, Aunt Genia

rachelredington said...

That's awesome.