Sunday, November 1, 2009

Public Apology

It has officially happened.
All those times as a kid an
adult (read: my dad) would
say something akin to
“When you get older you will understand”
“You will do the same thing when you pay the bills”
has come true.
And oh how it pains me,
If only to show me how
much of a real grown-up
I’m becoming.
Because only grown-ups
do what I’m about to
publicly apologize for.

A Public Apology to My Dad:
I’m sorry I never turned off the lights when I lived under your roof. Now that we have our own house with a lot of lights, I run around turning them off. Just like you said I would. Dang it.

1 comment:

Papa Joe said...

Well, thank you daughter but an apology was not necessary. You were a good steward of “resources” in high school, college, and when you lived alone. I need to work on Linda about the lights or should I just give up?