Thursday, October 1, 2009


Children are great.
Great for a lot of things
not the least of which
is showing you the glaring
truth of your own sinful heart.

Last Saturday was Luke’s birthday party
and I had done some uber planning for
an outside by the Chesapeake Bay
barbeque bash (per Master Luke’s party invite!).
Rain spoiled our outside party
and Faris and I were grateful that we
were able to move our party to his
parent’s very comfortable and dry home.
How kind they were to have us on such short notice.

As I was preparing and organizing to move
our party food and supplies
I was grumpy about it.
My husband was kind to me and encouraging.
But I was still grumpy as I was putting things in boxes
and figuring out what to take and leave behind.

And then it happened to me.
I was convicted of my unhappy heart.
I’m trying to teach Luke this:

Do everything without complaining or arguing
-Philippians 2:14

But I was falling supremely short of that on Saturday afternoon.
I turned to my kind husband
confessed my unhappy heart
and then happily went about my business.

As I’ve gone about my daily
chores and activities this week
I’ve been so much more
of my heart his week.
Am I happy and grateful to be
unloading the dishwasher
in service to my family?
Am I happy and grateful to be
folding laundry
in service to my family?

I’m grateful for the light shining on my sinful heart.
How much easier it is to patiently love a child learning the
same lessons I am still struggling with.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a wonderful witness to your faith. Little Mom

Melissa said...

You are inspirational and honest and sincere in all things. I learn from your wisdom and raw emotion each time I check your blog. Thank you.