Tuesday, April 7, 2009


During a recent visit to Williams Sonoma I picked up a few kitchen treats:

A bottle for salad dressing making
because I want to start making all my own salad dressing.
Love it.

Butterfly, snail, and ladybug pancake molds because Saturday mornings are officially “Saturday Morning Pancakes” at our house.

And on a whim I snatched up an Easter Egg Decorating Kit.
Which seemed like a fabulous idea until just about now.
I’m staring down the barrel of a busy week and decorating eggs for a kid who won’t actually care until next year doesn’t seem worth the clean-up.
So maybe I’ll just tuck this gem away until next year.


camille said...

1. love the salad dressing carafe.
2. the pancake molds are a delightful addition to Saturday morning breakfast. Those pancakes are deeelicious!
3. that looks like a LOT of work for Easter eggs. I would wait until Luke is old enough to help!! :-)

rachelredington said...

oh yes! we have those pancake molds!

Anonymous said...

The easter egg kit looks fun. Hayden loves to dye easter eggs now he loves to watch them change colors. He may not remember this year but you will and you will be glad you did it. Have a Happy Easter!!!