Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Aruban Holiday

Aruba is a delightful island.
The ocean was warm and a beautiful clear blue.
And I never knew sand could be soft.
There is almost a constant island breeze,
which seems to arrive when you need it most.

Faris rightly said that traveling
with Luke is like traveling with a rock star.
We were his roadies.
A lady in the pool actually asked to
have her picture made with him.
We kindly obliged.
(although mommy was thinking we should charge a fee!)
Luke handled the planes like they were no big thing,
making friends with the other poor people
packed in the cabin with no regard to personal or humane space.
The airplane was indeed not my own personal torture chamber as I had feared it would be.
I would say our first family vacation was a success.
Having now become accustomed to having a child in my life,
I was surprised at how surprised I was at how having a child changes vacation.
Naps and bedtime still had to be dutifully minded.
Meals needed to stay on schedule…you try explaining to a one year old how to wait for food.
And while I could spend all day pool side or with my toes in the sand, they are danger zones for small children and by the end of the week Luke was actually tired of being in the water.
To the point of grabbing the side of the pool and trying to climb out with all his might.

We are back on the Bay
and Fall seems to have fully arrived.
So vacation is o.v.e.r..
Unpacking is painful.

Do you spy the two Iguanas outside our room?

After three dinners outside and
being bitten to left and right by mosquitoes
we doused ourselves in Off for our dinner out.
Our reservations were at the wrong restaurant
so our dinner was inside
and our perfume was Off.


rachelredington said...

Camille, welcome back! The online world missed you!! I just wanted to note that in pic #3, Luke does not seem to have adequate sun protection. I see bare skin, no shirt. FYI. May I also add that the footprint photo is amazing??

Welcome home. xoxo

rachelredington said...
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rachelredington said...
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Jenni Pappas said...

So glad y'all had a good time! What a beautiful place! Vacationing with a young child can be great...our expectations just have to be adjusted a bit. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Luke is so handsome. Love ya'll Aunt Genia