Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goodnight Kisses

You know the book, Goodnight Moon?
And the page where the wife turns the light
back on when all the animals in her bedroom say goodnight to her?
(She has her nightcap on and is deep under the covers.)
Three nights running
Luke has given that lady a kiss.
Brings that sweet page right up to his lips
and gives the zoo keeper’s wife a kiss.
Yes, adorable as it sounds.


rachelredington said...

It's the Goodnight Gorilla book, silly girl! At least I think that's the name in English. I accidentally bought it in Spanish and it's Buenas Noches, Gorilla. : )

Jenni said...

Yeah, I was wondering what part of Goodnight Moon that was... I read it every night and did not remember any animals saying goodnight!