Friday, March 9, 2012

I move through the day thinking what a funny post that would be or that I should tell you this or that. But when I sit down it isn't funny anymore. Or the this or that sounds more like complaining to me and I'm so sick of people complaining. Have you noticed how quick we are to complain? I complaining about complaining? I should stop.

Here is the important work I've been up to...

Condiments...can they be considered a daily serving of fruit or vegetables? I'm busy trying to figure this out. Strawberry jam and ketchup...strawberries and tomatoes...see??? Meals seem to go smoother with condiments in the mix. Plus they ask nicely for. Now mind you, they eat it straight from the spoon or their finger. Who cares about dipping food in it. Who cares about this anyway. I'll stop.

I'm also trying to figure out why nap time/rest time seems to be so laborious for everyone involved. Is it really that hard?

Here is a little video of Nolan that I've been watching all the time. I think it is hysterical and I don't even know why.

See. Wasn't that funny?

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Papa Joe said...

If this was on Youtube, it could go viral. It's so cute.