Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Athletic Shoes

I’m more tired than normal today.
Jet lag tired on top of about a
week and a half of warp speed life
and this morning I was feeling the impact.
I still showered and did my hair and got ready
before 7am because you know I’d have to be
half an inch away from the hospital before I
neared that slippery slope of sweat pants and a minivan.
My boys were dressed and ready to get in the car.
Our bags and snacks were ready for the car.
I needed socks and shoes so I headed to the closet.
I put my hand on my sock drawer and for the first time
I can remember I really wanted to wear athletic shoes.
You see, I was dreading our morning. I had to take both
boys with me to the grocery store this morning. Happy to take one
kid with me to the grocery store but both of them? NO THANK YOU.
Together in the grocery store is really my own personal torture chamber.
I’d rather sit in a doctor’s office waiting for one hour with both my sick children
before I took them to the grocery store together.
Crazy exhausted + grocery store + two boys = desire for athletic shoes.
So you know what I did?
I marched myself over and slapped on some bling and dangly earrings.
I whipped out some cashmere socks and slipped on some boots.
Not today slippery slope.
Not today.

And then I was at the grocery store.
With a four year old who wanted to help which
then made the two year old want to help.
How long does it take a four year old and a two year old
to open those plastic produce bags?
Answer: Forever when you need to put something in it and a split second when they want to put it over their head.
Yes that was my two year old screaming at the checkout
line. And yes that was me letting him scream and not
giving in. You see he disobeyed me and I had to draw the line and so I’d rather him scream in the checkout line than let him get away with it. I’m trying to raise a man, not a grown-up boy.
And yes, the manager of the Chick-fli-A recognized us at the grocery store.

I still win today slippery slope.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaayyyyyyy! Me cheering you on!Little Mom

camille said...

Take THAT, slippery slope!

I'm so glad we were able to chat today. I hope you had a wonderful afternoon.