Sunday, November 6, 2011

About Those Seven Years

I’ve been thinking a lot about
the last seven years of my life
as our anniversary neared.
And here it is.
Seven years.
Just like that.
I’m less sentimental about this anniversary
maybe because my thoughts have
naturally turned towards how life
has been different these last seven years.
And here is what I’ve got to say
about seven years of marriage.
1. I started thinking about the last seven years
of my life but quickly realized that my life was
not accurate. It is our life that I think about.
2. I still don’t like living in themiddleofnowhere.
How much longer until we can move?
3. I always thought it was romantic that
my onetruelove would bring me my favorite
coffee drink. Now I think it is romantic if my
onetruelove asks me if I’d like him to bring me
some Advil when he is getting himself some.
4. I still like to wear my tiara.

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