Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eye Spy

This afternoon Luke and I were
playing eye spy on the car ride home.
He spied an orange sign.
I spied something.
Then he spied “something beautiful with earrings.”
It was me.
I totally guessed on the first try.
And we cheered because I got it on the first try.
And I praised him for being so kind.
But here is the thing, I really should have thanked my husband.
My son hears my husband say things like that to me.
I hear my husband telling my son things like that.
That he loves me.
That he thinks I’m beautiful.
That I’m funny.
That I serve our family delicious food.
That they are blessed because I’m their mommy.

But really, I’m blessed because my onetruelove loves the Lord.
And he is teaching my boys,
who will grow-up to be men.

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