Friday, July 23, 2010

Bubble Wall Art

I added bubbles to Luke's wall yesterday.


Enter seafoam green.
Seafoam green is one
of the colors in the duvet.

Exit seafoam green.


Have you tried decorating
a little boy’s room?
It’s hard work.
Why does all boy stuff seem
to be trains, planes, trucks, sporty, or dinosaury?
Or some tragic interpretation of plaid?

Maybe it’s me?
I’m not really a theme oriented person.
I might be to haphazard to be contained to a theme.


Anonymous said...

It looks nice. Remind me to run upstairs to see it for real the next time I'm at your house. Little Mom

joven said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes it is hard to decorate a little boys room. IDEA: buy wood letters that spell his name or just do his initals and paint them a solid color and hang them on the wall. I have done that in Hayden's room.

P.S. Love the circles


jenni pappas said...

very nice!