Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Small Spike

Loaded up the kids
for Tuesday morning music class
but had to turn around just three houses
down the road because this was in my
left rear tire:

I’ve had three flat tires
in less than
two years.
I’m amazing.

Best part of the day?
My dad told me to call AAA
right away
because it was going to take
two to three hours
to get somebody out to fix it.
I laughed
and reminded him I lived in themiddleofnowhere.
45 minutes later a man was in my driveway changing a flat tire.


Anonymous said...

The last time I had a flat, I called your little brother (a kind of personal AAA). One day you can call one of your guys! Wow, what a nail....spike!Little Mom

Papa Joe said...

Wait now. I volunteered to change it but she said she was going to call AAA. In the Washington, DC metro area, 2-3 hrs are common response times. MoN does have its advantages.