Sunday, September 27, 2009


Master Luke’s Saturday afternoon birthday party.
Many thanks to Tata and Cido!
They opened their home to us on
just hours notice…
rain forced us to switch our location from
our Chesapeake Bay outside picnic point
to the warm and dry comfort of
their home.
And many thanks to Lindy and Papa Joe
for all-around party assistance.

Party People

Master Luke, two years old

Luke, Camille, baby in belly, Faris

What Master Luke calls an "everybody kiss"

l to r: carla, joe, carolyn, ned, nader

l to r: ned, carla, luke, nabil, roula

l to r: raja, jenna, joe
background: alice, linda

l to r: luke, roula, adriana


Master Luke

l to r: alice, uninvited guest, linda

Party Flare

"happy birthday luke" on the vases

Since I was anticipating an outside barbeque
I gathered together the forks, knives, and napkins
and secured each bundle with a napkin ring
made out of a trimmed down paper towel holder.

Party Food

More about the food in a separate post.
You need to know about a few of these things.


Lynn said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration (even if it did need to move inside). All the food looks delicious....can't wait for details!

Anonymous said...

I love the happy birthday vases. that is a neat idea. I hope he had a wounderful birthday.